Wired Detector

Wired Detector - Wired Door magnetic Contact

Wired Door Magnetic Contact

This is the perimeter protection for the premises. The magnetic contact is usually installed in exterior opening doors and windows that are reachable from the ground (or from another part of a building which is accessible from the ground – such as a garage.

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Wired Detector - Wireless Scroll Steel Door magnetic Contact

Wired Scroll Steel Door magnetic Contact

Wire Scroll Steel Door Magnetic Contact can be your most convenient gadget for protecting the property and its premises.

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Wired Detector - Wireless Dual Element PIR motion Sensor 1

Wired PIR motion Sensor

The wired PIR Motion Detector is an INPUT DEVICE, the motion sensor works on the principle of sensing infrared energy (heat) emitting from an intruder”s body moving through a protected area.

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Wired Detector - Wired Outdoor Microwave Dual PIR Motion Detector

Wired Outdoor Microwave Dual- PIR Motion Detector

It is a unique and ultimate motion detector utilizing dual passive infra-red elements andMicrowave technology and it is designed for outdoor purposes in the most severe climatic conditions.

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Wired Detector - Wired Strobe Siren 1

Wired Strobe Siren

The Strobe Siren is an OUTPUT DEVICE that is bright, flashing light and sound, The unit is mounted on the exterior of the premises to help direct authorities to the location.

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